Cost saver with the new iPad

Good news for those looking to buy a new Apple device to run the Assess2Perform Bar Sensei and Ballistic Ball.  Just over a month ago Apple very quietly announced it was bringing back the original iPad; meaning, there is no model tail name like Mini, Air, or Pro.  This is sold as the plain old iPad, with the ideal 9.7 inch display and the fast A9 chip-set (64-bit).

The good news is now you can get a hold of a new iPad for $329.  I expect this should also translate to lower costs in the refurbished market as well, so keep an eye on used AIR & AIR2 models.

The minimum Apple (iOS) requirements to run the A2P products is the A7 chip-set, this was when Apple moved to 64-bit.  The A7 has been out for over 4 years, but there are still a lot of "old" 32-bit iPads floating around, which do not work with our platform.

The specific Apple iOS devices that support A2P products include the new (2017) iPad, iPad AIR/AIR2, iPad MINI2/3/4, and iPad PRO.  On the iPhone side, 5s (not 5c), and anything in the 6 family are fine.  The lowest cost option, that often gets overlooked, is the iPod touch ($199).