Smart medicine ball new methodology pilot validation full report

Moving into this summer, a lot of news is on the way.  2020 and into early 2021 was a big development time for us, the result is a fully revamped product line that is set for release this year.  One of the biggest tasks was re-inventing our approach to maximize data efficacy for our smart medicine ball (Ballistic Ball) and barbell tracker/velocity-based training (VBT) products.  We met that goal.

As the company who created the smart medicine ball, our work never ends to keep improving.  2021 is a nice step forward, and there is some cool innovative in the works to support the Ballistic Ball.

Everything we do is designed around  practical, affordable, and meaningful sport tech feedback solutions.  We are never satisfied with what the market is comfortable with; rather, our vision is to always lead and innovate to improve performance outcomes that are meaningful and transferrable to sporting movement.

Please take a look at the independent report:

Smart Medicine Ball Pilot Validation Full Report May 2021