Outlining some exciting Bar Sensei announcements (including a big savings)

In our continuous effort to provide an evolving customer experience, be on the look out for some customer centric Bar Sensei / A2P Sport App features and refinements coming this Fall.  We have listened to your feedback, and are engineering the deliverable right now.  Our updates cover all existing customers, while also creating a more enticing package for the new customers.

Speaking of enticing for the new customers, the big announcement (that we spilled on Twitter last week):

Announcement #1 ...a price reduction for each Bar Sensei unit.  The new price is $375 (a 25% savings!).  In addition, all of our customers who purchased direct within the past 60 days received an auto credit to match the new pricing.

Our goal within the sport tech space has always been to innovate and bring affordable tools into the field.  Since we have now passed the  2 1/2 year mark of offering today's Bar Sensei / A2P Sport App package, our incremental costs have decreased.  Why is this a win for you?

Our cost savings and business stability equals a stronger balance sheet, which, in turn, means we can afford to pass on a price savings benefit to you.  We always look to work in cooperation and think long-term, which is one key advantage of working with a privately funded company that does not need to generate extra profit to pay back hungry investors.


Announcement #2  ...new movement protocols & exercises are on the way.  We have written before that A2P is not about chasing a bunch of exercises to proclaim a big (and useless) list; rather, we will always focus on the movements that make sense for velocity based training and barbell tracking feedback. Our customers have asked for some logical additions, and development is in the works.  We will offer specifics late summer, after we go through some initial testing.  Overall, we feel these additions will help round out the exercise list and Bar Sensei utility.  And, since these feature upgrades are app based, current customers will just need to do a quick A2P Sport App update to get the latest!


Announcement #3  ...enhanced workflow to improve the overall experience.  We need to leave this one a bit abstract at the moment, as there are many pieces that come into play.  The goal with this announcement, and it's accompanying planned refinements, hits centric on the user experience and appeal to a wider audience.  Please stay tuned on this one!


Announcement #4  ...integrating complementary sport tech product solutions.  We certainly understand that a VBT or bar tracking tool is just one piece of the athletic development and monitoring puzzle.  It is important that the flow of the Assess2Perform products, like the Bar Sensei and Ballistic Ball, integrate as part of the broader user solution.  An example, today we integrate with the popular TeamBuildr athlete and team training software platform.  We look forward to announcing new partnerships that expand this appeal, and get at the point of why we develop the sport tech feedback tools that we do.


Today we wanted to lay out some Assess2Perform news related to velocity-based training and barbell tracking, straight from the horse's mouth.  Published updates will be coming in and shared on our blog and social media outlets, please stay tuned.