VBT redefined -- Modernize your Sport Tech Metrics

Sport Performance Coaches, you spend a lot of time, money, and energy on sport tech tools -- with VBT tech on the barbell leading the way.  Mean or AVG bar speed (full range of motion) has been the standard metric for three decades.  Did you ever stop and think about the modernization of VBT (velocity-based training)? 

Sure, many new product options are now available and cost has come down dramatically.  That's good news.  But, what about the metrics?  More good news, as there has been a lot of meaningful metric innovation.   New sport tech purchases, but sticking with the 1990's  (VBT mullet) metrics...?  If that answer is yes, you may want to keep reading.  

VBT redefined is about advancing Coach awareness to the metrics that matter.  RFD, eccentric speed, propulsion -- these are just a few of the fresh metrics we feel tie more directly to transfer, fatigue monitoring, and on-field performance.

Please take 2 minutes (1:57) to get a glimpse of VBT redefined.  It's time to think beyond the VBT mullet.  And, for Coaches to have a conversation related to the VBT metrics that matter.