Ballistic Ball


The versatility of medicine ball training meets meaningful information. Whether your movement is a rotational throw, overhead back throw, chest pass, or others -- power, force, speed, and effort replace the how high and how far. You make the move, the Ballistic Ball™ measures, reports, and motivates.



The Ballistic Ball is a break-through product, fusing the ever popular & valuable medicine ball with movement sensor feedback technology.  The result, pioneering feedback of throwing power and speed.  A lot of questions now have answers.


The A2P SPORT app for iPad instant metrics display from a rotational throw.  Peak speed, power, force are displayed in the 3 main fields.  The bar graph area shows the loading & throwing speed of each rep.  Learn more about the A2P App available options & features.



Two diameter sizes are offered, a 9 inch which is ideal for rotational throws or youth athletic development, and a larger 13 inch which provides heavier weight options and is often used for overhead back throws, chest pass, and bench throws.

Weights range from 4 - 14 LBS / 2 - 7 KG.  


The exercise list for the Ballistic Ball includes rotational throw, chest pass, bench throw, wall ball, and overhead back throw.  


Ballistic Ball in action from customer sites:



Rotational / transverse plane throws with the Ballistic Ball offers instant feedback of metrics such and power and speed.