Bar Sensei™


The Bar Sensei gives you the instant feedback to see results and motivate effort.  Velocity based training (VBT), fatigue monitoring, and power development solutions come in an ultra-portable package. Power, force, and bar speed are just some of the outputs available, direct to your iPad or iPhone. Innovation to optimize your training time and results.



VBT redefined -- learn about the essence of the Bar Sensei, and how this sport tech option is pioneering Velocity-Based Training (VBT) feedback

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App configuration options to fit your Velocity-Based Training (VBT) needs
It is the feedback that counts, and we recognize velocity-based training (VBT) means different things to different people.  The Bar Sensei works with the A2P Sport App (added in 2017), pioneering metric innovation while also creating a more efficient user experience.



A2P SPORT App digs in a bit deeper and was purpose built to fit an individual or the team environment.  Log-in options now allow for a single user, or for a team mode where various teams & rosters may be set up all in one place. 

Quick athlete profile change out allows the athletes to efficiently pull up their profile as they rotate through at the rack.  The A2P Sport App offers the VBT basics, plus deeper metrics like POP-100 (RFD) & eccentric speed, easily adjust load & exercise selections.   




Don't worry, Assess2Perform does not charge monthly or annual software subscription fees, you get what you pay for up-front and all app updates are included with your purchase.

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Mounted directly on the barbell in a rugged slim-line neoprene sleeve, the Bar Sensei offers a "direct" measure of barbell performance.  You are free to adjust the Bar Sensei placement depending on the lift, athlete size, or grip position.  We increased battery capacity by 60% and include a configurable auto sleep-mode to keep the Bar Sensei where it belongs (on the bar) to minimize the logistics of charging.


We offer a growing list of exercise protocols to fit the main lifts associated with barbell performance feedback and velocity based training.  No, it is not a numbers game for us to see how large the list can be; rather, we focus on a core group of lifts that offer valuable VBT feedback. And within those core lifts, our pledge is to lead with innovative metrics that make a difference.  

Today's exercise list includes bench press, bench from the pins, squat, box squat, squat jump, squat from the pins, hang clean, deadlift, snatch, and power clean.  As this list grows, your Bar Sensei purchase includes all  new additions and app upgrades. 



Check out some of the metrics & features available with the A2P SPORT App for iPad, designed for the team and performance center training environment where efficiency matters.