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Assess2Perform develops and markets movement sensor and app driven solutions, such as the Bar Sensei and Ballistic Ball, for sport & human performance applications. 


About Us & Our Story

The company vision is to develop and sell sport & human performance movement feedback solutions that are affordable, practical, and integrate into the smart devices we carry everyday.  Training with information to spark motivation and results is what the Assess2Perform line of products represents.



There are a lot of questions in Sport & Health that need answers.  
We are just getting started.


The company is based in Montrose, CO, on the Colorado west slope where the high desert and mesa landscape meets the 14.000 ft peaks of the San Juan mountains.  Outdoor lifestyle and activity is a big draw in this community, and we have a growing active aging population.  Direct flights into MTJ are available from many U.S. cities.  




It all started with an idea to add intelligence to medicine ball training.  This immensely popular training & rehab tool was a black hole related to performance feedback.  We throw them around to develop speed & power, work on mobility, but have no idea of where we started (baseline) and how we have progressed.  In addition, guessing the right medicine ball weight was just that, a guess.  There were a lot of questions that needed answers; hence, the Ballistic Ball (World's 1st smart medicine ball) was born to shed light and add quantification to medicine ball training.


The proof-of-concept app and original smart medicine ball design.

Using technology to improve our technology and build quality


Enter Bar Sensei

During the Ballistic Ball development phase it seemed pretty obvious that we needed to create a product for the growing velocity-based training (VBT) market around barbell speed & power development.  Technology feedback products existed to track barbell performance, but it was time to cut the strings, go wireless, and reduce customer cost. Born was the Bar Sensei, an ultra-portable feedback solution for VBT and barbell tracker.


The original A2P PRO beta app vs the A2P SPORT App introduced in 2017.

Global adoption

We are now very proud to say that the Assess2Perform producs are being used in many places around the world.  Today's customer mix includes high performance sport, physical medicine, academic, collegiate sport, and youth athletic development.  You will find a Bar Sensei or Ballistic Ball at some of the most famous sport teams in the world, in the hands of Olympic medalists, at your favorite collegiate team, and setting the stage with the next generation athlete at local high schools.

Moving beyond the sport performance side of human performance

Our vision of redefining the approach to movement assessment transitions well into the healthcare space.  Whereas in the sport space it is about getting better to maintain a competitive edge, within health and wellness it is about how you move on a daily basis, your functional movement performance.  We knew there is a problem to address, and we aim to help clinicians better managed  reported outcomes.
A successful feasibility study of applying our movement sensor technology into a clinical population to improve objective feedback related to movement.  Presented at a cardiovascular conference.

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