About Us

Assess2Perform develops and markets movement sensor and app driven solutions, such as the Bar Sensei and Ballistic Ball, for sport & human performance applications.  The company headquarters is Assess2Perform - 1935 13th Street - Unit A - Steamboat Springs, CO - USA  (p) 970-879-9855


About Us & Our Story

The company vision is to create sport & human performance movement feedback solutions that are affordable, practical, and integrate into the smart devices we carry everyday.  Training with information to spark motivation and results is what the Assess2Perform line of products represents.



There are a lot of questions in Sport & Health that need answers.  
We are just getting started.


Our office is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado - USA, a year-round recreational mountain town and about a 3 hour drive from Denver.



It all started with an idea to add intelligence to medicine ball training.  This immensely popular training & rehab tool was a total black hole related to performance feedback.  We throw them around to develop speed & power but have no idea of where we started (baseline) and how we have progressed.  In addition, guessing the right medicine ball weight was just that, a guess.  There were a lot of questions that needed answers; hence, the Ballistic Ball (World's 1st smart medicine ball) was born to shed light and add quantification to medicine ball training.


The original app and proof of concept Ballistic Ball experiments

Using technology to improve our technology and build quality


Enter Bar Sensei
During the Ballistic Ball development phase it seemed pretty obvious that we needed to create a product for the growing velocity-based training (VBT) market around barbell speed & power development.  Technology feedback products existed to track barbell performance, but it was time to cut the strings, go wireless, and reduce customer cost. Born was the Bar Sensei, an ultra-portable feedback solution for VBT and barbell tracker.


The A2P PRO beta app of 2015 vs the A2P SPEED App of 2017